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Bacon Wrapped Poppers – flavor rolled in one!

Bacon Wrapped Poppers –  flavor rolled in one!

Bacon Wrapped Poppers are so easy to make!

To get started, the only supplies needed is (preferably) thick slab bacon, meat of your choice, hot pepper (optional) and toothpicks! Other ideas for ingredients: cheese, onions, bell peppers…

Pictured, we’re wrapping slices of wild salmon. Lie the bacon flat and start rolling the ingredients from the end just like a burrito or eggroll.

When rolling, try to make it as snug as possible without stretching the bacon too much, and twist the bacon to wrap over the exposed sides too, creating a complete bacon ball. Slide tooth pick all the way through to secure it. That’s it!

There’s no need to salt, or season the meat. We’ve learned that the bacon adds plenty of salt and flavor.


Place Poppers over hot grill and cover with vent closed to get things smoking. Finish cooking with lid off and turn poppers over to brown both sides.




The bacon bonds to the meat perfectly.

These poppers are filling and don’t take much to satisfy hunger.

Don’t forget to pull out the toothpicks! Enjoy!



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